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◢ 1. 2011.10.07 The Benefits of Exercising
a. Exercising is one of the best ways to keep healthy and stay young.

b. Proper regular cardiovascular exercise can a make our hearts stronger, improve our lung functions.

c. Exercising in the right way can help burn calories better, lower our blood pressure, lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and reduce the possibility of vascular disease.

d. Most important of all, improving our circulation and getting rid of the poisonous waste in our body through sweat. There was a research which shows that Marathon runners are the only sports group who don’t suffer from cancer cause they get rid of most harmful heavy metal material from their bodies through sweating.
◢ 2. 2011.09.26 The magic of 333 theory: burning calories when not exercising
a. frequency: 3 times a week
b. intensity: 130 heart beats/minute
c. durability: 30 minutes

Exercising according to the 333 rules above or more than it can help us burn calories 4~5 hours after the exercise and keep us fit. Nowadays in most people’s busy lifestyles, this would be the most efficient way to lose weight and improve healthy condition. If we can follow 333 theory and go with good eating habits, (60% breakfast, 20% lunch, 20% dinner, no food after 8 pm.), then health and good shape will always be with us.